Chris Lane: Late Summer/Fall on Lake Guntersville

When fishing in the summertime, on Lake G there is a lot of grass.  The fish become hard to find in the grass but once you find them you can really catch them good.  Make sure to cover a lot of water and really pay attention to water movement in the summertime.  Watch the generation schedules and expect the best fishing to be when it is running.  I think some of the colder water from the bottom moves around some and activates the fish.

Morning – Start out walking top-water baits over scattered grass patches to catch a lot of fish.

Daytime – As the top-water baits wanes, I then pick up a Gambler BB Cricket on All Star flipping stick and punch the bait through matted, canopy grass with a big Gambler tungsten weight with heavy Stren Brute Strength line.  You will not get a lot of bites for the most part but if you get one he will be a good one.  You can also catch fish starting now and through the fall on a Snag Proof frog over the mats.

Evenings – During thunderstorms in the summer make sure to take cover.  If it is just overcast or raining go back to top-water and have a lot of fun catching a lot of fish.  The weather in the evening is awesome and you can end the day on a good note.

Chris Lane
2012 Bassmaster Classic Champion

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