Change is in the Wind

The growth of the fishing industry is taking on another big movement to include women as one of the fastest growing sport in America. The inclusion of women on the water fishing hard, daily and often is amazing. My own experience as a guide for the past three years has doubled each year as the number of women getting in my guide boat to fish. The interesting thing is not only are they fishing but their abilities as a fisherman is growing along-side their interest.

The changing landscape is not only the number of women fishing but includes the tackle industry targeting the women as a expansive market. Women are affecting everything from participation in fishing to the tackle industry including designs of baits to color to rods & reels as was displayed during the recent I-Cast bonanza.

“New statistics on the numbers of women in fishing indicated women hold the lead, according to the 2013 Special Report on Fishing and Boating, produced by the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation and the Outdoor Foundation. Here are some of the facts presented:

Females now represent the highest share of those entering fishing, with 41 percent of new fishing participants female, 34 percent male.

Women still remain the minority of the overall existing 47 million Americans participating in freshwater and saltwater fishing, with 34.4 percent female, 65.6 percent male.

There are 12 million participants in saltwater fishing, or 4.2 percent of the American population ages 6 and up. 6.6 percent of women in America own boats. 8.4 percent of men in America own boats. There are 21.2 million boat owners in America.”

Companies that have targeting women include the likes of Beam Outdoors, Columbia, Costa Del Mar, Creek Company, Eagle Claw and many more.

Captain Mike Gerry
Fish Lake Guntersville Guide Service
Professional Bass Fishing Guide

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