Brent Crow: Lewis Smith Lake in Early Spring

When the temperatures start warming up, the bass on Smith Lake start heading to the banks. Spring rains raise the lake level and the water temps, and the fish move up to feed before the spawn. They can be taken in a number of ways, and there is no better time to fish Smith Lake.

This will be the best time to find Smith Lake waters stained or even muddy instead of the normal gin clear clarity. This allows you to fish shallower than normal, and lots of fish will be right on the bank. Throw a 1/2oz white/chartreuse spinnerbait or a small crankbait like a Strike King KVD 1.5 in the stained water next to submerged rocks or wood cover. Concentrate on the backs of creeks and pockets, especially if water is running in from recent rains. Look for shad flipping on the surface and you might even see the bass schooling on them on certain days.

The plastic worm will also catch plenty of fish on Smith Lake in the springtime. Rig a green pumpkin or watermelon red Strike King KVD Perfect Plastic finesse worm on a 3/16oz KVD Pro Model shaky head and throw it around rock points, shallow docks and creek channel banks. You can also use a Carolina Rig with the same worm or a Strike King Rage Tail Lizard and fish the longer clay points and sloping clay banks. Use a 2-3 foot leader and use a 3/4oz weight to make long casts and drag the lizard back to the boat.

A good general rule for Smith is to fish deeper in ultra clear water and shallower in dirtier water. Also, when using moving baits like Spinnerbaits or crankbaits in clear water, the faster you retrieve them, the better results you will have. You don’t want to give the bass time to examine your lure, and there is no way you can reel it too fast for them to catch it.

Brent Crow
North Alabama Guide Service

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