Brannon Jones: Spring Fishing on Lake Jordan

Fishing on Lake Jordan in the Spring is awesome. My opinion is backed by the number of tournament trails that start their season here as well as numerous bass clubs from all over the South that migrate to the lake in March and April year after year. Lake Jordan is a small lake that gets a huge amount of pressure in the spring. However catches of 50 to 100+ fish per day are not uncommon. The average size of these Coosa River Spotted Bass is just incredible. Tournament wining weights average 20-22 lbs. with bags of spotted bass weighing 25-27 lbs. showing up occasionally.

Starting in late February to early March the fish on this lake start moving up and getting ready to spawn. Spinnerbaits and Swim Jigs are the lures of choice for the pre-spawn largemouths here. The big Coosa Spots fall prey to anglers dragging carolina rigs and jigs as well as shakey heads and twitching suspending jerkbaits. As the water warms to 58 the largemouths start their push into the sloughs and grass while the spotted bass stop on the first drops off the seawalls in 8-15 feet. When the water hits that magical 62 degrees, the first wave of largemouths go on bed and the spots hit the seawalls. At this time the spotted bass are the easiest to catch on shakey heads. I have found the NetBait T-Mac to be the best worm to tip a shakey head. The T-Mac tends to stand up making it irresistible to big spots, where comparable finesse worms tend to lay flat and lifeless on the bottom. This pattern with run through the end of April.

Brannon Jones
Professional Bass Fishing Guide

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