Brannon Jones: Spring on the Alabama River

During the Spring on the Alabama River the bass fishing begins to come alive. The days are getting longer, air temperature is rising and the sun begins to warm the water. These factors trigger the bass into a migration from the main river to the backwater areas and creeks with one thing on their mind… Spawning! There are a number of baits that work well this time of the year. Spinnerbaits, Squarebill Crankbaits, Lipless Crankbaits, Jigs and Texas rigged soft plastics like the Netbait B-Bug and Paca Craw.

Spinnerbaits and Square bills will usually work all day if there is a little breeze. The more wind and cloud cover you have, the better these baits work. On those days when the sun is high and no wind, switch to the slower moving baits like B-Bug, Paca Craw and Jigs tipped with a Paca chunk. Work the areas from the mouth of the sloughs to the back, fishing along the ditchs and creek channel edges slowly pitching to every piece of wood cover and grass beds. The ditches and channels are used by the bass as travel routes as they migrate in and out of these backwater areas. The backs of these sloughs usually flatten out and when the fish reach this point they begin to scatter and set up on stumps and logs during the day soaking up the heat from the sun. From mid February until May, wave after wave of new fish will be moving in and out of these areas.

Some other factors that may affect your day on the Alabama River are spring rains and the rising and falling water levels. A few inches of rain can raise the water level a couple of feet over night as well as change the water from a pretty green to the color of chocolate milk. When this happens be sure to navigate these waters with care as debris will be scattered along the main river channel.

Brannon Jones
Prefessional Bass Fishing Guide

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