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Last Updated: 08/10/2014
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Neely Henry Lake, Al. Impounded 1966 / Lake level Full Pool for Summer Late Summertime Bass Fishing Neely Henry Lake, Al. By Reed Montgomery / Reeds Guide Service (205) 663-1504 Website: Discovering both Big largemouth bass and the trophy-size Coosa River breed of spotted bass, often feeding in big, ravenous schools (as hapless bait fish flee for their lives), are "the best of times" many anglers hope for on each fishing trip. Especially when fishing for bass on North Alabama's Coosa River Impoundment, Neely Henry Lake, located near the town of Gadsden, Al. "Schoolies" they call them. "Fishing the jumps" or what ever coined phrase you may call it. Its a lot of fun! As with bass fishing trip on many other Alabama lakes during the late summer period of August and September, the odds of you just happening up on a school of bass suddenly feeding on or near the water's surface, believe it or not, is very likley to take place at any time during your fishing trip and it can happen at any time (even when its hot!), with the surface of the water often exploding as both spotted bass and largemouth bass erupt on the days next meal...often taking place within a good cast of your boat! That is, if your lucky and already prepared, meaning already having several rods rigged and ready with lures that can be quickly fished from the top to bottom of the water column, you and your fishing partner may just quickly fool a good "5 bass limit" of bass (or hopefully more!), before they may suddenly dissapear. Usually just as fast as they emerged into our world, their gone back to their underwater world once again. Until the day's next meal emerges close to the waters surface. Then the feeding process starts all over again! So give it a try on Neely Henry Lake during this Late Summer season! Schoolies! Look for em'! Plus, it only gets better as this, "schooling action" takes place lake wide when Fall arrives and bass begin to feed in huge numbers, while each and every bass instinctively begins to feed and fatten up for the cold, winter months ahead! Or, you can always call (205) 663-1504 on Reeds Guide Service...first! Guiding on Neely Henry Lake and other Alabama lakes for over 40 years, as Alabama's oldest, professional bass fishing only guide service! Website: Best Lures? * Best Lures for these schoolies? - As many anglers know, schooling bass can be fooled into striking your tempting offerings with dozens of types of lures. They can be fished either on or near the water's surface, or retrieved in the middle water column, or fished on or near the bottom. Be rigged before you arrive at the lake! The ticket is getting "reaction strikes" with lures fished fast and often erractic, or utilizing a stop and go action, eliciting bass to hit out of sheer instinct or just a sudden reaction strike and use lures covering a lot of! * Recent FishingTrip - On a recent summertime fishing trip to Neely Henry Lake on a partly cloudy day in the low 90's, we happenend up on "schoolies" a number of times which produced a good 4 pound spotted bass (caught at midday on a Strike King Red Eye Shad lipless lure), plus another big bass, this one a largemouth bass weighing close to 6 pounds! It hit a Heddon Zara Super Spook a shad colored 3 hook topwater lure, while seen busting shad just after dawn around 6 a.m. But the day also produced over 20 nice bass and at least a dozen smaller ones! Two 3-3 1/2 pound bass, both a spotted bass and a largemouth bass were feeding together and they came on two casts! Both were caught on a white/pink belly, white feather, Rapala suspending X-rap jerk bait! And two very happy clients! * So to cover all depths - I would choose (and have rigged and ready at any time of the day), - A Zara Super Spook, a Rapala suspending X-Rap Jerk bait and a lipless lure like a Strike King half ounce Red Eye Shad! Thanks and Good Fishin' Reed Montgomery / Owner of Reeds Guide Service. See my website at the "fishing tips" links for tips on all of Alabama's lakes for bass fishing during each season! Also see recent pictures at


Anglers target largemouth bass and spotted bass on Neely Henry Reservoir. Although growth is average for both species, plumpness for both species is close to the top in the state. The majority of largemouth bass are 12 to 15 inches, with good numbers of lunkers reported. The spotted bass population is exceptional for large spots; the number of spots in the 14- to 20-inch range is one of the best in Alabama. Striped bass fishing is best at the headwaters below Weiss dam during spring runs and into the summer during power generation; there are good numbers of stripes over 7 pounds.

Generally a river-run lake, Neely Henry fans out toward the dam to offer more open water. Neely Henry Reservoir is located in northeast Alabama on the Coosa River, near the towns of Gadsden and Ohatchee. Just off I-59, the reservoir envelops 11,235 acres and extends 77.6 miles.


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