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Last Updated: 08/23/2014
Fishing Alabama Reeds Guide Service

Late Summer Bass Fishing on Alabama's Logan Martin Lake By Reed Montgomery / Reeds Guide Service (205) 663-1504 B'ham, Al. Lake Level: Full Pool Impounded 1964 Water Temperature: Mid-to-upper 80's Air Temperature (Last week of August, 2014) Mid-to-upper 90's or 100 degrees! Hot! * From the month of June on into late September, the largemouth bass and Coosa River breed of spotted bass that inhibit this 50 mile long, man made impoundment Logan Martin Lake, are dead into a summertime mode...or summer frame of mind. By late Summer, from late August until late September, there is a 30 day period all bass anglers anxiously await to come to an end. Then, the arrival of the beginning of another upcoming Fall season, usually around the first week of October, a slow cooling down period develops, where changes take place every week. But does anything really change right now? * Many anglers will agree, not much does change right now. June and July displayed the ever-increasing hot days of the typical early-to-mid summer period. But anglers that braved the weather were blessed with many weeks of rainy, mid-to-upper 80 degree weather right up into early August. That induced Logan Martin Lake's bass to continue their annual summertime feeding spree, feeding in water temps of upper 70's to low 80's for weeks. So the bass were happy and so were the bass anglers that caught them! * But nothing stays the same, especially when it comes to the weather and bass fishing! Many anglers are now struggling just to even come up with a good day time bite in late August. Even among bass anglers fishing after the sun goes down, the majority of these nocturnal bass anglers have found night fishing to be very slow. Why? Its hot both during the day and at night...that has a lot to do with it! Still, there is hope in sight for the daytime angler forced to fish whenever he or she can! * As the month of September nears keep these thoughts in mind. Cooler Days, Cooler Water and Current. This weekend alone is predicted to be near 100 degrees! This week has already shown daytime highs in the upper 90's almost all of the week (ok it was in the low 90's last Monday), with night time lows now only dipping into the mid 70's! When two weeks ago it was actually in the low 60's on some nights! So just like bass anglers that want to stay cool and comfortable when its hot, the bass (and even the bait fish), of Logan Martin Lake will also seek out water that fits their comfort zone a lot more. Usually taking place right where they reside is some type of cooler water and some type of current almost daily. * To tackle these daytime bass, you need tackle! Lots of it! Including plenty of pre-rigged rods as well! This is still a time when both breeds of bass will hit a variety of lures in both shallow water and deep water. But precious time on the water calls for casting all day keeping a lure in the water, not rigging rods or replacing line and hooks...when you should be fishing! Like said, "Come rigged and ready!" So, here is a list of ten rods (if you have them), that I would have already pre-rigged the night before, to be ready for any bass fishing situation, in shallow water, mid depths and deeper water on Logan Martin Lake. Good lure choices for at least the next few months! * TOPWATER LURES - Dawn, early mornings, during cloudy periods and during late evenings right on up until sundown, I'm going to be tempting Logan Martin Lake's big, largemouth bass and some of the bigger trophy-size, very aggressive spotted bass, with some type of topwater lure! Why do I say Big and Trophy-size bass? Because after fishing and guiding on Logan Martin Lake since it was impounded in 1964, now over 40 years ago (thats over 40 summers), I do know topwater lures still fool big bass! Even when its hot, come rigged and ready with these lures! Lure # 1. Zara Super Spook in shad colors made by Heddon / Lure #2 - A 1/2 ounce Buzz Bait / Lure #3 hollow bodied Frogs. * SHALLOW TO MID-DEPTH LURES - Besides fishing with at least 3 pre-rigged topwater lures mostly around aquatic weeds, wood cover and rocks, there are many other lures I would have pre-rigged for any shallow water situation. Generally fishing in water less than 5 feet deep I would pre-rig these 4 lures. Lure # 4 White 1/4 ounce Spinnerbait with silver blades / Lure # 5 Shallow to mid-depth crankbaits, like Rapala's No. 5 Shad Raps and Square-billed Shad look-a-like crankbaits / Lure # 6 Suspending Jerk baits - Rapala's 2 hook model X-rap and James Heddon's 3 hook suspending model Tim Horton signature series jerk baits / Lure # 7 A Zoom Bubblegum, yellow or white colored Trick worm rigged either weightless Texas-style or wacky-rigged. * DEEP WATER - Fishing "Deep" when its very hot in late Summer on Logan Martin Lake can mean anglers should be be targeting depths of 5-30 feet deep. We do not see many bass caught much deeper. There are many first and secondary ledges and lots of sudden drop-offs to be found on this lake. Plenty of piers, boat houses and marinas all surrounded by deep water. Also submerged islands, humps, hidden underwater ridges, and lots of rock piles, including sand bards, points, the ends of visible islands, creek mouths, old house foundations and old road beds. * To reach these depths anglers either fish with deep diving crankbaits or fish on or close to the lakes bottom. Lure choice # 8 - A deep diving crankbait, one that dives at least 10-12 feet deep. Strike King, Rapala, Mann's and Excalibur are just some suggestions in shad colors / Lure # 9 - A ten-twelve inch worm like Mann's or Zoom or any bigger worm others make / Lure # 10 - Although I could have chosen among a number of Texas-rigged plastics, or jig head rigged or Carolina-rigged plastics, a jig combo, or smaller finesse plastic worm outfit (like a watermelon colored Shaky head worm on light line), instead I choose a jigging spoon. A 1/4 to 1/2 ounce Hopkins jigging spoon will fool largemouth bass, spotted bass, white bass, striped bass and even other fish like bream, catfish and rough fish! Often in numbers and usually when other lures fail! * So there you have it, my choice for fishing both deep water and shallow water on Logan Martin Lake during this hot, late summer season. When Fall is nearby... Or, you can always call (205) 663-1504 on Reeds Guide Service...first! Logan Martin Lake's oldest, professional bass fishing only guide service for over 40 years! Now utilizing the new 2015 Ranger 520 Comanche series bass boat, equipped with Lowrance electronics, Minn kota 112 pound thrust trolling motor and Evinrude E-tec 250 h.p. outboard motor! Provided by and! * NOTE - Daytime Bassin' - As most anglers know by now getting on the water very early and making your first cast of the day (around dawn), is important for catching big bass, for your comfort as well, and for beating the crowds on Logan Martin Lake as well! A lake, that is very crowded with recreational activity during the late summer season. Like said, "cooler days are always better". So plan ahead for your daytime fishing trip when it is at least a little cooler. When it cools back down into the upper 80's or even the low 90's in September is much more comfortable than 100 degrees! By calling Alabama Power 1-800-lakes-11 you can check on the water generation scedule, which is very important for those anglers fishing the main lake where "current" creates very active bass, both spots and largemouths! * Thanks and Good Fishin' Reed Montgomery Owner of Reeds Guide Service Website B'ham, Al. (205) 663-1504.


Largemouth bass and Coosa River spotted bass are the main draw for anglers on Logan Martin Lake. Largemouth bass are abundant in the 12-18 inch range. Spotted bass also abound, with many in the 14- to 21-inch range, representing some of the best values in the state. In fact, the spots numbers in the 17- to 20-inch range equaled the highest value ever recorded from the lake. Spotted bass growth has been good to excellent, and their condition is outstanding.

Logan Martin Lake – not to be confused with Lake Martin – is located in east-central Alabama on the Coosa River, about 30 miles east of Birmingham on I-20 near Pell City and Talladega. Nicknamed “Lake of a Thousand Coves” by locals, it has 275 miles of shoreline along its 48.5-mile length sandwiched between Logan Martin Dam on the south and Neely Henry Dam on the north. The depth of this 15,263-acre lake is 35 to 110 feet, with only five feet average water level variance.


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